Company Profile

Company name:    Kyushusuzo Co., Ltd.


Executive:            Tatsumi Annoura


Address :             1-10-30, wakamiya, Kasuya-machi, Kasuya-gun, Fukuoka

                         prefecture, 811-2314 Japan

Second factory:     815-2 Sakado, Oaza, Kasuya-machi, Kasuya-gun, Fukuoka

                         prefecture, 811-2303 Japan


Phone:                +81-92-938-3678


FAX:                   +81-92-939-0241


e-Mail:                kakisu@k1104.com


Employees:         7


Gross sales:        63 million yen (fiscal year 2009)

Bisiness History

2011 Sep 

Start dealing with Gomishoten Co., Ltd.


2010 May

First Vinegar Factory Festival(Kurabiraki)


2010 Mar

Start sales promotion in Singapore.


2010 Jan

Authorized as Agriculture, commerce and industry cooperation enterprise.


2006 May

Start dealing with Paru Co-op. Second factory building is newly completed at Sakado, Kasuya-machi.


2005 August

Kyushusuzo Co., Ltd. (company executive: Tatsumi Annoura) is established.



Offer various products to some companies, by way of OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturing).



Join Furusato package association.



Start producing dressing.

Our Japanese-style non-oil dressing becomes the private brand of Co-op Kobe.



Our products appear in the national exhibition.



The trading partners increases in number.



Adopt independent mail order system.



Ringosu (Apple vinegar) becomes the private brand of Nada-Kobe cooperative (Co-op Kobe).



Genbaku-Genmai Kurosu (Brown rice and crude wheat vinegar) becomes the private brand of Nada-Kobe cooperative (Co-op Kobe).


1984 May

Kyushusuzo (company executive: Takio Annoura) is established.  Start producing and selling persimmon vinegar and other kinds of brewed vinegar.


1981 April

Start selling Kakisu (Persimmon vinegar).


1980 April

Fukuoka Persimmon Vinegar Fermentation (company executive: Kimie Annoura) is established in Kasuya-machi, Fukuoka prefecture.

Start manufacturing Kakisu (Persimmon vinegar).